What has made me smile in November!!??!

November feels like a real month full of highs and lows – worldwide and closer to home. When I have a month like this I can sometimes feel a little strange writing about some of the trivial things that make me smiles but then I stop and remember actually in the face of difficult times we need to draw close to the important people in our lives and hold onto the things that make us smile.


Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Those little moments with Tom! Life is busy but when I stop particularly at the end of the day and listen to Tom- the things he says, the stories he tell and things that make him laugh…….. can’t help but smile!
  2. As you know I just love the fireworks and our tradition is to go up to Blackheath to watch them every year. This year we went up with friends, I love that walk up to the heath when everyone is walking up the same way with friends and family. A glass wine while the fireworks fill the sky, perfect!
  3. Really makes me smile getting into a good TV series, this month I really enjoyed watching “The crown” on Netflix.
  4. My birthday falls at the beginning of November, so I got to choose what we did and of course I wanted to see the sea.  We went to Deal in Kent for the day. It was such a lovely day, seeing the beach, collecting stones and sea shells, eating fish and chips and a big hot chocolate. Visiting the seaside has an amazing effect on me – I always feel much more peaceful afterwards- I am still smiling from the day! Wonderful memories! img_20161106_201159
  5. More birthday smiles! My parents came up to take me out for lunch we went to my favourite local pub and had great food. Also I had another birthday celebration with friends we went to Cahoots in London, it is an old disused underground station which has been turned into a bar. It is a really fab vintage places to go! I recommend it and I would like to go back again!
  6. A spontaneous moment……… where we bought and enjoyed a Krispy crème doughnuts!
  7. I wrote a post quite a while ago about some people I admire which included people who have made big decisions and have stepped out…….. this month I spend time with a couple of different people who are doing the same – they have made life changing decisions. When I spoke to them about their reasons behind what they were doing, they were very similar – life is short, live now and why not now! It really made me smile to listen to these people – also it challenged me and inspired me!
  8. This month I have had several opportunities to cook for friends, which I love to do. I love spending time preparing food and then enjoying it over a laughter and friendship.
  9. Children’s enthusiasm and interests really make me smile. Now the night are drawing in so early if we are in the garden after school, we start to see the sun go down – the children get so excited to see the sky fill with amazing colours ….sunset, they call it the “Sky show”. Also one day when we were outside we found an unusual looking ladybird, the children were so interest in it – we looked at it through a magnify glass, we research about it on the internet and we put it in a magnify pot for a closer look. Can’t help but smile!
  10. A cuppa with friends……… the best!

Look ahead to November…………….

  • Christmas time!!! Time with family, yummy food, decorations and lots of smiles!
  • Our Artspot Christmas children’s arts and crafts workshops take place at the beginning of December. This year we are excited to be doing them in two locations.
  • Watching Tom’s Christmas school play, always a highlight!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great November and that December brings a lots of fun! xxx


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