Sylvia and Bird by Catherine Rayner


“Sylvia and bird” is another stunning story by Catherine Rayner. It is a story about a dragon named Sylvia, she is the only dragon in the whole world and she is lonely. One day Sylvia finds bird, though they are different, they become friends. Sometimes bird would talk with other birds and it left Sylvia lonely again, she wonders where she belongs. So she begins a journey where with a little help from bird – she realises what friendship really look like!


A wonderful story of friendship, a beautiful message that friendship come in all shapes and sizes, as long as there is love and loyalty.

Catherine Rayner is a wonderful storyteller and illustrator. The pictures are wonderful, I particularly love the way Sylvia is illustrated. We also love “Smelly Louie” which is another wonderful story (check out my post here).


“Sylvia and bird” is a wonderful heart-warming picture book, I highly recommend it to you!

Happy reading! xx


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