“Oi Dog!” perfect again!

We love “Oi Frog!” by Kes Gray and Jim Field, so I was very excited to buy “Oi Dog!” Normally sequels to books are not as good, but they have done it ,this book is fabulous! Tom absolutely loves this book as much as “Oi Frog!” He has been reading it loads and laughing out loud!


I definitely recommend reading “Oi frog” first. “Oi Dog!” is a very similar story line to “Oi Frog!” but instead of a grumpy cat making up the rules we have the frog. The frog decides bears sit on stairs, moths sit on cloths and poodles sit on noodles and lots more! At the end we find out what the frog thinks he should sit on……….perfect and very funny.


The illustrations are wonderful, Tom absolutely loved the facial expressions of the cat and the dog! The book is once again full of great humour. If you are a teacher I would definitely recommend this book to teach rhyme!

Kes Gray and Jim Field never disappointment me, welldone on another wonderful children’s book! x

Click below to find out more about books by Kes Gray and Jim Field- “Oi Frog!”, How many legs?” “The lion inside” and “Billy’s bucket“.



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