“Rosie Revere, Engineer” another great book by Andrea Beaty

We love “Iggy Peck, Architect” so we were keen to read “Rosie Revere, Engineer” also by Andrea Beaty!


This book is about Rosie Revere whose dream is to be a great engineer. Rosie loves making amazing gadgets and gizmos, she makes them in secret because when she was younger she was made to feel foolish. One day her Great great aunt Rose comes to visit. Her great aunt used to work building aeroplanes, her only thing she still dreamt of doing was to fly herself. An idea comes to Rosie of how she could get her aunt into the sky, could she possibly do it? She works all day, would it be a success? Did it matter?


This is a great book that inspires children to have a go and not to worry when things don’t go quite to plan. It encourages us to learn from our failures. The character of Rosie is a great female engineer role model.

The book is written in lovely rhyme which makes it a pleasure to read. Again David Roberts illustrations are wonderful, full of detail which the children love.

Wonderful funny inspiring story! Xx

Click here to find out about Andrea Beaty’s equally wonderful book “Iggy Peck architect” xx




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