Fireworks in the city pictures!

I absolutely love fireworks, they bring back wonderful childhood memories! In the week leading up to fireworks night we love creating fireworks art. I was inspired by some pictures I saw on this website to create these wonderful vibrant pieces of art!


Need: paper, oil pastels/ crayons, watercolour paint (liquid or block), salt, black paper or card, yellow chalk pen (or yellow crayon, oil pastel, paper or stickers), double sided tape or glue.

First we drew the fireworks onto the paper using oil pastels (crayons can be used too). Next we painted over the top with watercolour paints, sprinkling salt over the top.

2016-11-01 08.17.33.jpg

While the paint is drying we made a city skyline out of black card and drew on windows using a yellow chalk pen. Once the paint was dry I stuck the skyline onto the paper using double sided tape.

2016-11-01 08.30.59.jpg

This one was created by a 2 year old!

2016-10-31 15.40.20.jpg

Happy fireworks night everyone! xx

For more fireworks craft ideas check out this blog post xx


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