What has made me smile in October!??!!

Wow another busy month! Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..


  1. Our autumn arts and crafts workshop went really well, despite the rain! We are excited that we will be doing our Christmas workshop in two locations. img-20161008-wa0033
  2. Going with Tom on his class trip to the local park, Tom is so excited that I could be part of his school day, smile!
  3. Lovely crisp autumn sunny days.
  4. Going pumpkin picking then coming home and cooking with them, I love it when we are all in the kitchen getting involved in the cooking. img_20161016_185910
  5. Lying on the sofa on my own with a cup of tea and box of chocolate watching “Me before you” I laughed and sobbed.
  6. A lovely weekend – highlights were a delicious meal to celebrate my Dad’s 70th and seeing my beautiful nieces. IMG_20161023_202448.jpg
  7. Ofsted……… obviously this is not something that makes me smile generally but I had my childminding Ofsted visit and it went well and I don’t have to have another inspection for 3 years, phew…….. so I can smile………. now!
  8. A hot chocolate with Tom!
  9. Half-term…. Visiting friends……..autumnal walk in Greenwich…….. PJ day……… seeing my lovely Greek friend……… Mummy and Thomas day………Southbank………Brighton….IMG_20161026_200727.jpg
  10. Having an evening out with Mr Lee, we had the most amazing Korean street food (On the bab -highly recommend!) followed by wine and cheese! Perfect night!

Look ahead to November…………….

  • I love fireworks! I can’t wait to do our annual trip up to Blackheath to fireworks!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great October and that November brings a lots of fun! xxx

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