Love Iggy peck!

Iggy peck architect by Andrea Beaty is a wonderful story which children read over and over again.


Iggy peck since he was very young loved to build with whatever he could find. He made amazing structures out of anything he can get his hands on from mud in the garden, food and even nappies. When Iggy arrives in grade two, he is quickly told there is no place for architecture in this class and certainly no building- Iggy’s interest was squashed! However on a school trip, Iggy’s talent is greatly needed to save the day!


Wonderful rhyming text throughout the book. The illustrations are perfect,  they are full of detail- children love to spend time looking at them.

I love this book, it really encourages creativity! It focuses on making sculptures and model, I know a lot of children that 3D art is their chosen expression and I feel is not often celebrated in picture books so this is wonderful book to share with them.


Personally I love the message I get from this book about how adults can easily squash or minimise children’s interests rather than celebrate them. How often do adults stop children reaching their full potential?


Love this book! Xxx


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