Homemade gifts: Plant pot!

Now is the perfect time to plant bulbs and what a great gift…… a personally decorated plant pot with a bulb ready to flower in the spring. Last year we prepared bulbs in the autumn and gave them as a gift at Mother’s day but you could give them anytime between now and spring.

Here are three super simple suggestions of ways to decorate the plant pots!

  1. Decorated the plant pot with washi tape. 2016-02-22 16.52.15
  2. Paint the paint pot, we first did a base of white paint using a sponge then spotted blue paint over the top. If you want to use the pot outside I suggest coating it with varnish. 2016-07-25-08-32-49
  3. Draw on the paint pots with permanent pens, we used sharpies. Again if you want to use outside I suggest coating the pot with varnish. 2016-06-27 15.39.46

Of course you could plant anything in the pot……..a favourite plant or herb….. what a lovely gift!

Happy creating xx

For more homemade gift ideas click here xxx


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