Leaf man


In my search to gather together some quality autumn books I decided to invest in the book “Leaf man” by Lois Ehlert. It is a simple story about a ‘leaf man’ who lives in a pile of leaves, but the wind has blown him away. Leaf man is blown all over the countryside. Each page has leaves making different pictures- from birds to hens to fish. The illustrations are wonderful, they really capture the colour and textures of autumn.


The children instantly loved this book, they enjoyed looking at the pictures and seeing the different things made out of autumn leaves and nature. By the time I had finished reading the book to them, they were excited to get outside to collect autumn treasures to create their own leaf characters.

Look at the wonderful pictures the children created using autumn leaves!  

This book is a really useful book for teaching young children about autumn and particularly autumn leaves. Inside the front and back over there are pictures of lots of different leaves with labels naming the type of leaf it is.

Highly recommend this book! Well worth investing in!

Happy reading xx

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