Fletcher and the falling leaves

This year I have been trying to build a collection of autumn books that I can get out each year. “Fletcher and the falling leaves” by Julia Rawlinson was one of the books I choose and I was not disappointed. What a super cute autumnal story!


“Fletcher and the falling leaves” tells the story of a young fox named Fletcher. Fletcher notices the world is changing around him, he is particularly worried about his favourite tree that is changing colour and losing its leaves. Fletcher speaks to his Mum, she says not to worry because “It’s only autumn”. So Fletcher reassures the tree and explains it will feel better soon. As the leaves start to fall from the tree, Fletcher tries to help. He tries to catch the leaves and even reattach them.  He is surprised when some animals come and steal the fallen leaves for keeping warm.  Fletcher is sad that the tree is so bare, he takes the trees last leaf home to look after it. But then winter comes…. the story ends with a stunningly beautiful surprise!


This book is has lovely story and would be a really great tool to talk about some of the changes we see during autumn. The illustrations by Tiphanie Beeke are very cute and really depict well the seasonal changes. I recommend this lovely autumn picture book! There is a series of seasonal Fletcher stories which I am now keen to read.

For lots of creative autumn ideas click here xxx



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