Autumn lantern or basket!

One of the things I love about autumn is using bits of nature that we collect when we are out and about in out arts and craft. This is such a simple non messy activity that can be enjoyed by the very young children too.

Need: Leaves and nature, milk bottle, sticky back plastic, glitter, optional: if you need to add a handle you will need a pipe cleaner, beads and single hole punch.

If you plan to use it as a lantern you will need a battery operated tealight.


First collect some beautiful autumn treasures! I cut and washed the bottom of a milk plastic bottle. I cut a piece of sticky back the size of the bottle and lay it down on the table. The children placed their autumnal nature onto it then sprinkled gold glitter over the top. I then wrapped the sticky back around the bottle.


If you want to add a handle then punch holes in the side. The children can thread beads onto the pipe cleaner and finally thread and wrap through the hole.

2016-10-06 14.31.39.jpg


Now is ready to put a battery operated tea-light inside or you could take it to the woods or park to collect more autumn treasure in!

Click here for lots more autumn crafting ideas.

Happy autumn creating xx

PS. This year we did it with glass jars and used shape punches to cut the leaves into shapes before sticking them onto the jar!

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