10 ideas of fabulous things to make, do and celebrate in October with your children!

Here is my monthly post, which I post at the beginning of every month. I am looking ahead at the month and suggesting 10 things you could do with your children. These things will focus on celebrating the season and special events in that month.

Here goes:

  1. Conkers Go on an early morning conker hunt!
  2. Autumn arts and craft- Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year and inspire a lot of creativity. Check out this post for lots of ideas. autumn creative ideas writing
  3. Big draw Get involved in the “Big draw” festival, lots of events happening across the country.
  4. Have an autumnal picnic Wrap up warm and go to the woods and have a picnic. You could even take a flask containing your homemade pumpkin soup.
  5. Kick and jump in leaves…….. got to be done!
  6. Hot chocolate Friday This is a tradition that a friend introduced us to- on a Friday afternoon when Tom is back from school we have a hot chocolate together, precious moments! 2016-01-15 15.43.06
  7. Bring autumn into your home Display around the home autumn treasures- conkers, pinecones, you could even make a garland of leaves or suncatcher.
  8. Half-term day trip Plan a lovely day trip. Lots of free London based ideas on this post though you may want to skip the idea of splashing in the fountains!
  9. Pick and cook with pumpkins Is there somewhere local you can visit to pick pumpkins? Last year we made pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup with ours! Recipes here. IMG_20151024_145958
  10. Cosy up with a book…. As the evening get darker and chillier it is lovely to get cosy and enjoy a book/s together. At the moment Tom and I are enjoying “My naughty little sister” by Dorothy Edwards a book I remember from my childhood, it is a little old fashion in many ways but we are really enjoying it nevertheless!

Here are some suggestion of some fab picture books for October:


Awesome autumn by Bruce Goldstone For more information click here

Leaf Man Lois Ehlert

Fletcher and the falling leaves by Julia Rawlinson

Nature’s day by Kay Maguire

Tree: seasons come, seasons go by Brittaa Teekentrup

Autumn – Seasons of the year by Harriet Brundle

 Let’s plan ahead:

Now is the time to get booking Christmas treats, look around at ice shaking and Christmas show now! Last year we went to the Albany in Deptford and saw “The Bear” by Richmond Briggs it was an amazing production. This year I am thinking about going back to the Albany to see “Snail and the whale” by Julia Donaldson.

 My favourite posts from September:

Happy little season books


Encouraging children to celebrate the seasons.

2016-08-31 13.21.00

Well I hope you found this post useful! If you have got suggestions of things we should be doing in October let me know! Happy October everyone! xx


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