What has made me smile in September!??!!


Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. It seems a very long time ago but we had a trip to Wales at the end of the school holidays. We had a wonderful day in Barry- fish and chips on the beach, sandcastle building and exploring the rock pools. IMG_20160827_083726 (1).jpg
  2. Watching the BFG at the cinema, what an amazing film, I loved it!
  3. The final day of the school holidays was a “Mummy and Thomas day” and we went up to Biscuiteers. Stunning biscuits and precious moments with Tom, he literally didn’t stop talking the whole time! 2016-09-02 14.08.56.jpg
  4. The return of Cold-feet and Great British bake off, love them!
  5. Launching my seasonal children’s boxes and giving positive feedback from them, thank you for all your wonderful support. 2016-09-14-11-29-06
  6. Chatting with friends…… with wine, over a cuppa, at brunch, with a takeaway!
  7. Enjoying some beautiful autumn sun, smile!
  8. Tom’s 6th birthday! So grown up! On his request we had breakfast in his bed in the morning, then we met family and friends for a lovely day at Godstone farm. The following weekend, Tom had a joint party with a school friend in our garden, lots of fun and madness! img_20160918_075806
  9. A breakfast date with Mr Lee!
  10. I attend a local workshop and made a lampshade, it was a lovely evening and Tom was super excited with his new lampshade. img_20160930_093305

Look ahead to October……..

  • Looking forward to pumpkin picking and cooking, we did this last year and loved it!
  • We are doing another arts and crafts workshop on the 8th October and it is already fully booked.
  • Half-term!

Thanks for reading, hope you found lots of smiles in September and that October is everything you hope it will be! xxx

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2 Responses to What has made me smile in September!??!!

  1. Lauren Becker says:

    Looks like September was great. I love doing craft nights. That lampshade is so cute!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovemetoo says:

    Thank you Lauren! It was really fun craft evening!


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