Fruit and vegetable printing

Printing with fruit and vegetable is such a simple activity to set up and do at home. It is a great activity to do at this time of the year when we are particularly thinking about harvest. Harvest is a really good time to talk to children about where food comes from, how blessed we are to have plenty and that some people are not so fortunate than us.

When printing with fruit and vegetable it can be fun to explore lots of different types. We stuck with the more traditional!

Apple printing

Need: Apples, forks, paint and paper.

Print away!

I saw on Pinterest a photo of apple printing where they had stuck forks in the apple for the children to hold, what great tip! I have always done it without, oh the mess!

Potato printing

Obviously potato printing can just be done simply onto paper, however this year we decided to print onto fabric to make a banner.

Need: Potatoes, paint, fabric, liquid water colours (can use food colouring), stick, beads, buttons, wire or pipe cleaner.

Firstly the children painted the base colour onto the fabric with liquid water colours. I used a sharp knife to cut into the potatoes to make different shapes. Once the fabric was dry the children printed over the top, we used black but you could any colour. The children then threaded beads and buttons onto the wire (could use pipe-cleaner). Finally I folded the top part of the fabric over, made two slits, threaded the stick through and wrapped the wire around the stick to create a handle.

For lots of autumn crafting ideas click here.

Happy creating! xx


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