Updated! Thoughtful living: Autumn list!

Autumn is here!

For the last couple of summers Tom and I have created a summer list of things we would like to do and we tick them off during the summer holidays. It was lovely to look at the list at the end of the summer and see we had achieved it all. I was thinking could we do this for autumn, I feel like it is not really realistic with the busyness of term time to list lots of day trips we would like to do. However after reading “Little green shed” blog I felt inspired to write a list of the things I wanted to do during autumn for us as a family……….. less of the day trips……….. more of everyday life!

Here is the list I came up with:

  • Pick pumpkins and then cook with them- we did this last autumn and it was a real highlight. It was so lovely to do it as a family and all take part in the cooking afterwards. We had a fab time- we went to Hewitt’s farm again then made delicious pumpkin pie and soup.
  • Book to see Father Christmas, yes you really do need to do it this early! We have booked to go to Penhurst place, looking forward to it! Must read “The lion witch and the wardrobe” to Tom first!
  • Fly a kite.
  • As autumn is creeping in, I am starting to think about my clothes! At the beginning of the summer for the first time I decided to really look at my clothes and minimize my wardrobe. It did feel good, so I am going to do this again for autumn- chuck anything I don’t wear or don’t like anymore, pack away things I will not wear this season and decide if there is anything new I need and only buy specific items that I need.  Here is a post I wrote about this “Thoughtful living: confessions of a shopaholic!”. Autumn wardrobe sorted!
  • Eat fish and chips on the beach, I think the beach is beautiful and calming in any season…. so I hope to do this soon. We have a wonderful trip to Deal, Beach. Amazing fish and chips on the pier too.
  • Tom is desperate for us to re-decorate his bedroom, to make it more grown up for him. This involves plastering the ceiling too so we are saving and hoping to get it done soon.
  • Start Christmas shopping, it is good for us to spread the cost. Doing well with this so far!
  • Now this is a big one- sort out our bedroom it is such a state, we just dump anything in there and we don’t have suitable storage……….. so I hope to do some work on it……. well try anyway. I have started this! Slow progress……..
  • Watch the fireworks at Blackheath, this is definitely a tradition for us! We love it! Tick!!!
  • I am constantly thinking about the food we eat. I want to develop a few more different recipes…….. always trying to eat more fish………. and to eat with friends more. I have got a few new recipes that I am using quite a lot at the mo, including a yum veggie curry.
  • Visit the woods often! Had a lovely long walk with friends in the wood last weekend.

Do you write a seasonal lists? What are you hoping to do this autumn?

Happy autumn everyone! xxx




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