Wonderful picture book “Grrrrr!”

We love the book “Blown away” by Rob Biddulph and we were not disappointed by his second book “Grrrrr!” It is a wonderful story which reminds as about what is important in life!


This book is set in the woods where the yearly “Best Bear in the wood contest” is held. A bear named Fred has won the contest for the last three years. He trains all day and has little time for anything else…… even friends. This year at the contest there is a new bear named Boris who is going to make sure he wins and steals Fred’s crown. On the morning of the contest Fred finds he has lost his roar and he is in need of some help. Fred has to start the contest without his roar. What will happen at the loud roar contest? Could anyone help? Who is going to win? Is there more to life that winning? A wonderful story of friendship, where the characters learns that sometimes there are more important things than training and even winning.


The illustrations are fantastic, full of stunning vibrant colours. The rhyming text makes it a pleasure to read. Of course this is a great book that can be read at anytime but I think especially lovely to be read during the Olympics or para-Olympics as well around the time of school sports day.

Rob Biddulph is a fantastic children’s picture book author, I had a sneak peep at his next books “Odd dog out” on his website, it looks amazing, can’t wait to read it!


I highly recommend this picture book!

“Grrrr!” inspired us to make salt-dough medals! Click here for our salt dough recipe. We painted ours with gold paint mixed with a little PVA glue and added red ribbon so the children could wear them.

When we read “Zog” we made medals out of jar lids, click here to find out more. 2015-05-01 14.00.26

Happy reading and making! X


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