Updated: Autumn happy little season box!

Are you considering buying a “Happy little season box”? Or have you bought a box?

2016-09-14 11.29.06.jpg

If you have already bought one, thank you! I hope you are enjoying the box. The boxes are designed to be open-ended so that your child can use them in any way their imagination leads, but if you are needing a little inspiration to get you started, here are a few ideas:

 What could you do with your autumn leaf cutters?

These biscuit cutters are very versatile they could be used with playdough to endless fun, here is our simple playdough recipe.


What about making some salt dough and creating an autumn leaf hanging decoration? Here is our salt dough recipe. Make sure before you cook your salt dough leaves that you make holes in the dough so they can easily be hang.

Of course you can make mini leaf treats. We used our favourite gingerbread recipe!

What could you do with your canvas?

The children love working on a canvas. We use ready-mix paint when working on canvas. This is a very simple autumn tree piece of art we did on canvas. Take a look here for how we made it!

2015-11-02 13.21.12

Canvas art makes a fantastic gift too, here are some other art we have done on canvas.


What could you do with your wooden peg?

Wooden pegs make great characters for children to create and then use in their play. We were inspired by the character in the book “The dolls’ house fairy” by Jane Ray, the fairy is called Thistle and she is clothed in leaves and nature.

Here are some of our pegs:

Click here for more information about making a doll inspired by “The doll’s house fairy”.

And of course wooden pegs are great for making superhero characters too!!!

2015-03-31 14.58.20

Look……. we also painted leaves and added eyes from our box!


Don’t forget to plant your snowdrop bulbs between August and December. Ideally they should be planted 8cm below the ground and 8cm apart from the next bulb. 

If you would like more ideas or advice feel free to contact me x

P.S Click here to buy your Happy little season box xx


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