Thoughtful living: How can we encourage children to celebrate the seasons?

Every season has something new to explore and discover. How do we get our children to enjoy and even celebrate the different seasons? Here are some ideas!

  • Go outside………We are privileged to live in a world full of beauty and each seasons holds new things to explore and discover.
  • Everyday………encourage children to notice changes and beauty all around us every day, even on the school run, walking to supermarket and looking out the window in the car.
  • Get crafty- the seasons are so inspiring, use them as a starting point for crafting with children…….. the colours……….the weather………the leaves…….
  • Be a role model…… get excited about the world around us, be enthusiasm about getting outside whatever the weather! (Top tip: dress for the season too…. raincoats and big winter coats with hoods all around!).
  • Books, books, books……. I am passionate about children’s books, try to build up a collections of two or three quality fiction and/or non-fiction books that you can get out each season.
  • Nature journal…….. children love to collect, why not have a scrap book to keep all their treasures in? or a special box?
  • Bring the seasons into the home…………. this could be as simple as seasonal flowers and hanging their seasonal arts and crafts around your home. If I had the space I would love to have a little shelf dedicated to seasons, particularly to display seasonal treasures we find….. maybe one day! spring flowers
  • Planting……Plant from seed, so cheap and children love it, you don’t need lots of space – plant pots on the window sills work really well. I love planting bulbs too, get children planting them in Autumn, then spotting them as they start to come through in early Spring.  Planting fruit and vegetables helps them really enjoy what is on offer each season…..pumpkins in autumn…. strawberries in summer…………2016-06-08 18.13.04
  • Out in the garden- as well as planting…….. involve children in caring for your garden……… watering plants……sweeping leaves……… removing dead flower heads…….. weeding……..
  • Explorer’s equipment- having binoculars, magnifier glasses and magnifier pots around the home really helps children get excited about what they see and get a closer look at nature.

How do you encourage children to celebrate the seasons? Do you have a favourite season? Or a favourite seasonal activity? xxx


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