What has made me smile in August!??!!

IMG_20160901_084207 (1).jpg

Here is my top ten smiles (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Watching people at Waterloo station greet friends and family, can’t help but smile! (Bit of a “Love actually” moment!)
  2. Making fruit ice lollies and cheese and ham tart with Tom. He loves to be involved in cooking process, he gets so excited- precious moments. (Homemade ice lolly post here)2016-08-03 17.44.51
  3. So many day trip…… Oxlea woods, V&A, Mudchute, Southbank, Ladywell, hunting for street art, Chistlehurst caves, Museum of London, Eltham palace, Knockhalt farm, HMS belfast…….
  4. Wonderful weather, yes, yes, yes!!!
  5. We were so blessed to have a few trips to the seaside, I just love being by the sea so calming (Beach life post on the blog). IMG_20160818_224359
  6. Having a lazy morning……. PJ’s until midday…. Smile!
  7. Being super proud of my wonderful and very clever niece.
  8. Celebrating a very special friend’s birthday with some amazing cocktails.
  9. Surprising Tom with a night out to see “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, wonderful show- it was everything I hoped it would be! Tom spent quite a lot of time working out the lighting during the show, so Tom! 2016-08-19 19.17.0310. Spending time with Tom….. smile xxx

Look ahead to August……..

  • Tom’s birthday, lots of excitement and fun.
  • September is great a month to get back into routine, have a look at life and refocus.
  • Long weekend in Wales.
  • New little venture…….. will let you know very soon!

Thanks for reading, hope you found lots of smiles in August and that September is everything you hope it will be! xxx

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