What has made me smile in July!??!!

A few days before I post my monthly smile post, I prepare it and as the days leading up to posting it, I add any new smiles. The post was ready to be published on Friday, however on Thursday Tom wasn’t well which led me to take him to A&E- just to quickly say that he is well now and it was his first asthma episode. Of course this in itself didn’t and doesn’t make me smile and if I am honest I had a cry when we got home from the hospital. Having said that there was lots to smile about – primarily the great care we were given by all the doctors and nurse at Lewisham hospital. Secondly spending precious time with Tom- lot’s reading of the BFG, teaching Tom to play hang man and Tom singing “7 years” on the top of his voice. The biggest smile is of course that he well and definitely back to himself!


Back to the prepared post!!!

My life isn’t full of amazing things yet there is so much to smile about in the everyday! Here is my top ten smiles (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. We were really blessed to take a short break to Paris and Euro-disney at the beginning of July. We had lots of fun! Tom was super surprised when we arrived a Disney and had an amazing time. In the words of Tom “It really is where dreams come true”. 2016-06-29 18.40.01
  2. I asked Andy to go to Sainsbury’s and pick up 3 packs of fish fingers, he came back with 3 packs……….. of 30! He bought 90 fish fingers!!!! That will keep us going for 6 months……. Oh I laughed until I cried!
  3. The end of term sometimes means changes in my childminding and this time is no exception. Two lovely girls are moving to Surrey and a very special boy is all grown up and starting Nursery at school. I am privilege to look after such wonderful children, they have brought me many smiles!
  4. Being spontaneous………. a trip to the park and café…………. an afternoon on the Southbank……exploring box hill…………wonderful memories! 2016-07-23 14.55.41.jpg
  5. This July I have felt pretty tired due to a very full on time in Paris, end of term tiredness and the heat but this has forced me to slow down a bit…….. at the end of the day I normally rush around sorting stuff but I have just been sitting down and Tom talks (+talks)……I smile and smile……… precious moments…….
  6. Feeling extremely proud of a very dear friend.
  7. A couple of months ago we let Tom choose a plant at the garden centre, he choose a strawberry plant. Tom has LOVED that plant and he has found such joy seeing the flowers appear then watching the strawberries appear and change to beautiful red tasty fruit! 2016-07-25 12.53.15.jpg
  8. A cup of tea after a hectic day………. smile!
  9. Watching Tom’s sports day…….. he was so pleased to see us there. 2016-07-08 10.02.13
  10. Visiting some beautiful independent garden centres………. visiting Peckham and explore lovely new places to eat and drink………… organising a surprise lunch for a friend who is getting married …….take away with friends……….finding we have a robin’s nest in our front garden……….trip to the museum of childhood, Greenwich and transport museum.

Look ahead to August……..

  • Day trips and more day trip………..
  • Visiting friends and family.
  • Seeing the sea!

Thanks for reading, hope you found lots of smiles in July and that August is everything you hope it will be! XXX

P.S Don’t forget I am on a little blogging break during the school holidays, but I am on Instagram @readcreatelove xxx

2016-07-23 14.51.25


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