Dandelion clock artwork!

Beautiful dandelion clock watercolour art work inspired by Tom’s love of blowing the clocks away……..

2016-07-14 08.02.55

Need: Watercolour paper, black sharpie, pencil, rubber, a circle lid to draw around, watercolour paints (block or liquid), salt.

I drew three circles on the watercolour paper.

2016-07-13 15.45.09

The children drew their three dandelion clocks with the black sharpie.

2016-07-13 15.49.38

I rubbed out the pencil circles.

The children then painted around their dandelion clocks. Finally sprinkling salt on top, when the paint is dry I rubbed off the salt.

2016-07-14 08.02.37

2016-07-14 08.03.06

Oh and Tom decided he needed the London landmarks in his picture………….

2016-07-14 08.03.16

“Giant dandelion clocks falling on London”

Happy making everyone! xx

Idea inspired from this blog xx



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