Homemade gifts: Notepads.

A lovely useful gift is a personally decorated notepad. We made these ones for Father’s day but could be given for any occasion.

2016-06-15 08.46.56

I like to use a basic brown notepads which can be picked up cheaply and easily from shops like Tiger, but any notepad could be used. Some of the children simply wanted to draw on the notepad with sharpies and then I labelled it saying “Daddy’s notes”.

2016-06-22 15.04.07.jpg

The other children wanted to use paint, I used masking tape to write “Dad” on the notepad. The children used cotton buds to paint around the letters. Once it was dry we peeled off the tape to reveal the word Dad.

2016-06-15 08.47.27

Here are some notepads I previously decorated.

Happy making xx

Here are some more ideas of homemade gifts- candle holder, key-rings and canvase.

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