#30dayswild- week 3

We still continuing to enjoy the #30dayswild challenge.


When I was thinking ahead to do #30dayswild, I was very excited, I got books out from the library of ideas and in my mind I was going to do amazing things. However the reality of doing it every day, often after busy days of work and school has meant we haven’t actually done the amazing things………… we have often just found 5 minutes to do…… something….. sitting with tom in the garden and having a drink together……… lying in the garden and just looking at the sky………… these have been precious moments.

I am so pleased to be taking part in this challenge, it has really reminded me about how the little simple things in life create such wonderful moments, beautiful memories and fabulous smiles all around!

#Day15- Drink and a catch up in the garden.


#Day16- Re-pot strawberry plant.


#Day17- Water fight in the garden (sorry no photo).

#Day18- Festival in the park


#Day19- Hot chocolate and roasted marshmallow in the garden.


#Day20- Art with rain water.

2016-06-20 09.03.56

I am excited to do lots more outside in the next couple of week! For a regular update check us out on Instagram @readcreatelove

Are you taking part in #30dayswild? What are you favourite activities to do outside? xxx

Click here to check out our week 1 and week 2! xx




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