Beautiful book “The bear and the piano”.


“The bear and the piano” by David Litchfield is a wonderful picture book. When I first read this book it brought a tear to my eye! The story starts with a bear cub who finds a piano in the forest, he begins to practice playing the piano- over many years he begins to play beautiful music. The other bears are drawn to the music and a crowd comes every night to listen. One day a girl and her father’s sees the bear playing and encourages him to come and play in the city. After some considerations he goes to experience more of the world. The bear has an amazing time in the city and becomes extremely famous for his piano playing. However he misses the forest…. his friends…..his home! With great excitement he returns home, but has his friends forgotten him? Were they angry that he had left? The ending of this story is simply beautiful……. The illustration are amazing, I particularly enjoy the page where we see the bear practicing throughout the different seasons. This story is a fantastic starting point for talking about what can be achieved through hard work and discussing emotions.

Wonderful wonderful story highly recommended!!! Xxx



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