Thoughtful-parenting: Why do I give my son pocket money?


As you already know from reading this blog, I am trying to nurture a “Grateful heart” in myself and as a whole family. We are blessed that Mr Lee and I both have work, we have a flat in a lovely area and enough money to be able to eat well, by no means do we have excess money but we have enough to live on. As Tom gets older I notice him want more “What can I have?” “I want one of those….” “When are we going to have stairs?” ….. This makes me wonder how can I teach him to be grateful for all that we have? A little while ago I wrote a general post about encouraging children to be grateful, if you missed it click here.

As a child I was given weekly pocket money after I did some age appropriate household tasks. As a young child I was given 50p or £1, I was told I had to give 10p out of the £1 to the church offering but the rest I could spend as I wished. As I got older and the amount I was given was bigger, there were more things I had to use the money for e.g. gifts for friends or toiletries. I remember having my Natwest piggy banks which I would divide my money into for different purposes. I really feel that this helped me consider the value of money, understand budgeting and saving.

So recently we have started giving Tom £1 pocket money per week, after he has done 3 simple household tasks. I am encouraging Tom to give some of the money away- this could be to church or a chosen charity.

I really hope that by giving Tom pocket money he will start to realise the value of what we are so blessed to have……….. and in the long term understand budgeting and saving.

Do you give your child/ren pocket money? Do you think they should be given money or earn it through doing household tasks? Do you let them spend the money freely? What are the qualities you are trying to develop in your kids? xx

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