#30dayswild – week 2!


We are really enjoying #30dayswild challenge. Our highlight this week was #Day12, Tom had woken up very early on Sunday morning (yawn-yawn) and we headed into the garden to enjoy our new deck and make the most of dry weather. After a while outside, I decided to dead head a daisy plant and I put the dead daisies into a bowl ready to get rid of. However when I saw them in the bowl, I suggested we make some daisy stew for the fairies. Tom was very keen and immediately got to work. He added water, herbs from our herb garden, ivy leaves and flower petals. Tom stirred, mashed, transferred, bashed, drained and pretended to cook the mixture on an upturned flower pot. After a long time of playing we left it and headed in doors. We were excited to spot a snail explore the pots and stew (and even poo in the stew!). The following day Tom was keen to show his friends and they added more herbs and leaves. They also made mint tea! I love the spontaneous ideas!

2016-06-12 09.04.14

#Day8- Planting carrot seeds

2016-06-08 18.13.04

#Day9- Watering plants

2016-06-09 18.44.45

#Day10- Dinner in the garden


#Day11- Bedtime story in the garden


#Day13- Hug a tree

2016-06-13 15.44.37.jpg

#Day14- Water painting

2016-06-14 15.38.53

I am excited to do lots more outside in the next couple of week! For a regular update check us out on Instagram @readcreatelove

Are you taking part in #30dayswild? What are you favourite activities to do outside? xxx

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