Thoughtful living: reflecting on a year of blogging!


Well today marks a year of me blogging……..

In many ways it feels like something I have always done. As I have written “blogged” throughout the year I feel like it has become part of my everyday life…. part of who I am. I feel like my content has developed and I think it will continue to do so, as seasons go by my thoughts, view and priorities shift around.

Sometimes I think should I stop blogging? Is it just a waste of time? Will I continue to blog long term? That is something I cannot answer but my now for this season I am walking through I really just enjoy writing….. I get pleasure from typing my thoughts and ideas on to the computer.

2015-04-17 09.09.01

I have always wanted to be a teacher………. However, when asked “If you could do anything regardless of skills??”……… my first answer would be to sing in West-end Musical…. I really would need a completely different skill set for that one, he-he! But after that I would reply a writer…. At school I always found English hard……… so due to this I never thought I would be someone who writes, but as I have said before, I had that nagging urge to write a blog. I was nervous to put myself out there…….. what would people say? What would people think? But I really believe there are different times and different situations that you just have to put yourself out there…….yes it is scary….. but we have to take a step……… for me personally I know my life is better for me blogging.

I really want to thank everyone who has read my blog, supported me through social media I am truly grateful…. Thank you xxx

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