What has made me smile in May!??!!

During every month I write a list of smiles in my notepad in preparation for this post, halfway through the month I already had a long list, which in itself made me smile!

Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Sunshine!!!!!!!!! Smile!
  2. It has been lovely to watch our birds nest in our garden, it was wonderful to see the Mummy and Daddy birds come and go with worms for their young. It has been amazing to see how quickly the babies grow.
  3. A family trip to the woods to hunt for bluebells in Chislehurst!2016-04-30 14.17.25
  4. Tom’s ability to share sometimes really does amaze me, I have been childminding since he was two so he is used to sharing his home, mummy and toys with other children. Of course he has moments when he struggles but on the whole I am very proud!  Tom was given 2 mini chocolate eggs and straightaway he wanted to share – one for him and one for me, bless’im!
  5. At the weekend, sitting down as a family to eat breakfast ……lovely special family time.
  6. Going to the Comedy store with lovely friends, very funny!
  7. An impromptu trip to the seaside, lovely picnic on the beach! IMG_20160509_074923
  8. Watching Britain’s got talent with Tom, very funny!
  9. Going into a charity shop and getting exactly what I need for £3.29.
  10. I am going to have to cheat now………spending time with friends….. cuddling a 5 weeks old baby………reading my book on Blackheath in the sunshine……new sandals……….watching Tom’s swimming lesson……theatre trip with friends…… shopping with my sister and Mum, getting my sister to try on lots of pretty dresses………. eating meals in the sunshine in our garden………tom’s excitement over Daddy buying him apricots………seeing the work on my garden begin…. a cuppa with a friend……….

Look ahead to June ……..

  • Mr Lee’s birthday and Father’s day lots of fun family time.
  • Taking part in #30daysWILD
  • Visiting my parents and hopefully seeing the sea!
  • Seeing the work in my garden completed.
  • Half-term, this time I am not working but it is very busy seeing lovely people!
  • My friend and I are running our Summer arts and crafts workshop.
  • Right at the end HOLIDAY………..too exciting!

Thanks for reading, hope you found lots of smiles in May and that June is everything you hope it will be! xxx

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