Thoughtful living:confessions of a shopaholic!

FINAL WHERE BEAR 7I love to shop……… I have even been called a shopaholic……… for quite some time now I haven’t been able to afford to be a shopaholic and it doesn’t really reconcile with my desire to live more thoughtfully.

I am striving for a thoughtful home and style and I want to be thoughtful with my use of money and time as well. Here are some ways I am trying to do this:

  • Seasonal shopping……..At the beginning of each season I am starting to consider my clothes……..what do I need, do I need a new coat this year…….? For the key items I will invest money in good quality pieces and if possible buy in end of season sales or second hand e.g. coat, sandals, rain coat and boots. I wear a lot of leggings and basic tops and I have discovered over time that actually no point spending much on these because I wear them a lot so they don’t last so better to buy from a cheaper high street shop. I have read a few articles recently about capsule wardrobe, each season 37 items to wear including shoes……. I had a quick look at my clothes and I was quite surprised that actually that is about the number of clothes I have seasonally, so I removed items that I knew wouldn’t be wore this season……. I love the space I gained…. It is meant to reduce stress, waste and time……… I will let you know!
  • Power of social media……..There are certain shops I just love……. and I find them hard to walk passed on the high street. Some of these shops I used to follow on Instagram, but I have stopped due to the fact……. it makes me want more…… makes me click on their link to the website….makes me waste time……
  • Buy local………Recently we have had a couple of local gift home shops pop up in the local area. I am trying to make sure if I need gifts or cards to shop local and support local designers.
  • Shop second-hand……Part of my shopaholic-ness is my love of a bargain! I love to shop in charity shops and EBay, I get a great buzz from getting a great price. Today I popped into a charity shop, I managed to get Tom two items of clothing he needed for £3.24! Also it is great to feel that things are being reused and not being dumped in landfill. But even with charity shops and eBay, I need to make sure I only shop if I need something…….
  • Shop, shop, shop………..I try to only shop (including online) when I need something and when I find something, will we use/wear it? where will it go in our home? could we get a better price?

My desire to live more thoughtfully reaches all aspects of my life……. Do you have any tips for me for “thoughtful shopping”?

Thank you for reading xx


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3 Responses to Thoughtful living:confessions of a shopaholic!

  1. Check the supply chain before you buy. It’ll probably mean you put a lot back on the rack! Great writing.

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