Love “How to hide a Lion”!


I have finally got a copy of “How to hide a Lion” by Helen Stephens! I have followed the author and illustrator Helen Stephens on instragram for some time and marvelled at her amazing illustrations (and her home!). So finally to read her book was very exciting and I was in no way disappointed! “How to hide a Lion” is a story of Lion who comes to town. The townspeople were scared of the Lion so the Lion ran away. A little girl “Iris” befriends the lion, they have so much fun together but it is tricky hiding a lion from Iris’s parents. Iris’s Mum screams when she finally spots the Lion, the lion  once again runs away. He finds a great hiding place where he can see everything but no one notices him. But what does the Lion see? Will the townspeople realise what Iris already knows that he is a kind lion? A truly wonderful story, the illustrations are stunning and add fantastic humour to the book. This book is a great tool for discussing our emotions and the feelings of others. I highly recommend this classic picture book! xxx





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