Thoughtful- living: beauty all around us!

2016-04-30 14.52.14

On my quest to live more thoughtfully, I am trying to slow down a bit and look around more, which in Spring is wonderful, the natural beauty we can see is stunning. I am privilege to spend so much time with small children because they do really notice the world around them and it is contagious.

Recently Tom and I were running late to a children’s birthday party and I was trying to hurry Tom along on a wet Friday afternoon…….”Look Mum that is the smallest van I have ever seen”……….. “Look at that pigeon walking on the roof on that house like I do in PE” ……….”Look Mummy they have bluebells”. It did really make me smile and actually consider then difference between Tom and me on that journey. I was thinking we are late, I am wet, hurry up, however Tom was full of excitement to get to the party, but completely in wonder and amazement about the world around him.

So I am trying……….. wow what an amazing beautiful world we live in! xxx

2016-05-01 17.50.10


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