Thoughtful living: What has made me smile in April!??!!

What has made me smile in April!??!!

Wow the end of April already, lots to smile about!

Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. My sister and I took my mum for a belated Mother’s day treat to see the theatre production of “The Railway children”, I thought it was wonderful a play. I felt inspired from it- the children were so compassionate, they were so very generous yet they had little themselves.
  2. The things Tom notices in the world around him- “Look at the beautiful orange clouds” “Look at the pigeon on the rooftop walking like I do in PE”
  3. Discovering we have a birds nest in our garden!         2016-04-20 08.32.46.jpg
  4. Spending time with my beautiful nieces! It makes me smile how much Tom loves them (nearly as much as me!).
  5. Watching children play when they don’t think anyone is watching, completely child-led play, beautiful!
  6. Spending time with friends…… over a cup of tea………… with a glass wine…….. take-away night………. in Brighton…………. I am blessed with beautiful friends!
  7. I am really enjoying reading “The Rosie effect” the sequel to “The Rosie project” by Graeme Simsion, a great read! 2016-04-27 13.35.52.jpg
  8. When I was feeling blue…….. Mr Lee takes me out for a cuppa…. #smile!
  9. Watching films with Mr Lee, this month we have watched “Steve Jobs” and “Brooklyn” both very good films so well acted.
  10. This smile comes with mixed feelings…….a family whose children I have looked after moved away this month……….. it is super sad to see them go……….. but I was blessed to have cared for these precious children during the early years of their little lives.

Look ahead to May ……..

  • Looking forward to a couple of bank holidays. Hopefully will include a trip to the seaside!
  • We are having a little bit of work done in our back garden… very excited!

Thanks for reading, hope you found lots of smiles in April and that May is everything you hope it will be! xxx

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