10 ideas for living more thoughtfully….


I recently posted about my desire to live a more thoughtful life, if you missed it click here. I have been thinking about how I really do this, here are 10 ideas……….

  1. Be grateful! I love writing my end of the month post about things that have made me smile in that month, it really makes me review the month and remember the special moments. Also sometimes just before I go to sleep I list three things that have made me smile that day, I enjoy this because they tend to be the small things! It really reminds me how blessed I am!
  2. Define the purposes for the day ahead…… this may just be the normal- be a good mummy and wife and care for the children I have that day……. but it maybe to send a text to a friend who isn’t well….. celebrate a friends birthday….. cook a meal for someone who has just had a baby…. Spend time with a friend who having a tricky time…..
  3. Spend time with the people I love! Once a month have a weekend that we don’t plan for, just spend time being us- a family……. Plan more evenings out with Mr Lee……… Make sure I organise to see friends often! 2015-12-29 15.28.55
  4. Doing things I love! As you have previously read I have been making time for cooking and reading, things that I really love to do!
  5. Be thoughtful about what and where I spend money. As for a lot of people food is a very large expense so I am trying to shop more in Lidl’s as well as our local butchers…..I try to give more homemade cards and gifts……. I love clothes shopping, but I am trying to avoid shops as it just promotes a deserve for more. Each season I try and think about what clothes I need, sometimes I do invest in certain things, e.g. last year I bought a decent raincoat, but generally I try to buy in charity shops or eBay.
  6. Try to have a healthier diet……..cook from scratch…I have never been very good at eating fruit but I have started making myself a smoothie everyday………eat more fish……..
  7. Enjoy the world around us……….. go to the woods……….. go to the seaside……… keep trying to make my garden somewhere I want to spend time….. take part in #30dayswild….      2015-11-22 16.01.36
  8. I recently read “Zero waste home” by Bea Johnson it was made really think about the things we bring into the home. The author encourages refusing things we do not need, reduce what we have and recycle where possible. I will try………..
  9. Make sure I take time to sit and play with Tom when it is just me and him, without distraction.
  10. Remember how much I/We have……….. we are truly blessed!

Thank you for reading! xxx


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