Spring picture books!


Nature’s day by Kay Maguire This is such a wonderful non-fiction book that goes through the different seasons and the changes we may see. It looks at changes we may see in our garden, veg patch, the woods, the farm, the field, the pond, the orchard and the street. The book is full of information that children love. The pictures are beautifully illustrated with lots of details. This books would be a lovely gift for 5 year old plus children.


Tree: seasons come, seasons go by Brittaa Teekentrup This book encourages the reader to peek through a hole in the tree to discover the changes in a tree through the changing seasons. It shows the changes that happen to the leaves, animals, weather and colours. It is written with simple rhyme and vivid illustrations. It is a lovely simple picture book which brings seasons to life!

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When will it be Spring? By Catherine Walters I have had this book for a long time and I always bring it out at this time of the year. It is a sweet story about a young bear cub that is meant to be hibernating but can’t sleep. He keeps waking up in the wrong the season. Finally it is Spring but where is the cub? What I love most about the book are the pictures which really show the changing seasons.


Spring – Seasons of the year by Harriet Brundle This is a simple non-fiction book about the season for younger readers. There are beautiful photos on each page with a simple bit of information. Topics cover the weather, food and things to do. The book includes a contents page and index.

Happy reading xxx


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