From Slow-living to thoughtful living!


For a little while I have been thinking about the post I wrote in the summer about “Slow living” and how for me personally the reality of my everyday life it doesn’t really fit with the notion. When I wrote it I was in the Summer holidays when work life slows down and I have the capacity to think, which of course is wonderful and it definitely a great time to evaluate life. There are many qualities of slow living which are very important to me and I am trying more and more to make them part of my life especially enjoying the moment and living in the present. However the title “slow living” doesn’t quite fit with me. One evening when I was on the internet just mooching around, I came across the term “Thoughtful living” and instantly I knew this was a term that I try to live my life by.

So this is me, I am trying to live a “Thoughtful life”.

I think it is important to say first off that some people may read this and think “Well she wasn’t very thoughtful when…..” I am sorry, all I can say is I am on a journey to live my whole life in a more thoughtful way, I have made mistakes and I continue to make mistakes…….

What does it mean “Thoughtful living”? It is my desire to consider life carefully and not to let life pass me by. Enjoy the moment and appreciate all the blessings we have! Sometimes this may mean less planning ahead and other times it may mean more forward thinking and aiming for certain things.

I am therefore going to strive to live more thoughtfully in every aspect of my life- thoughtful living, thoughtful cooking and eating, thoughtful relationships, thoughtful parenting, thoughtful home, thoughtful style, thoughtful……….

This is definitely early days in my journey, I would be really interested to know your thoughts and I will blog more about it in the coming weeks.




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