The crow’s tale

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We have fallen in love with the story “The crow’s tale” by Naomi Howarth and of course the message it tells! The story is inspired by a Lenni Lenape Native American Legend. This story is set in the depths of a very snowy winter. The animals are famished and cold, they know they need a plan. The wise owl suggests they need to ask the sun for warmth, but the only animal able to fly the distance is Rainbow crow. The brave crow goes on a dangerous journey but eventually gets to the sun. The sun gives him a long branch of fire, which he heads home with…… but what becomes of his amazing feathers and his sweet singing voice? His friends are eternally grateful of the brave journey the crow took………. Why is crow so unhappy? Can he not see what beauty his friends can see? The story really looks at characteristics that really matter: bravery, courage……… the beauty inside our hearts. Stunning illustrations that enhance the story and it is written in wonderful rhyme which makes it a pleasure to read. A brand new classic picture book!


“The Crow’s tale” has inspired us to get creative!

A beautiful crow

Need: Paper plate, scissors, black paint and brush, glitter.

I folded the paper plate and cut it into a bird shape. The children painted their plate black and then sprinkled lots and lots glitter on top…. ready to fly away!

Decorate a feather

Need: A feather and chalk pens

Tom loves to find feathers when we are out and about! Invite children to decorate their feather with the chalk pens!

2016-04-06 14.13.01

Feather printing and painting

Need: paint, paintbrushes, paper and feathers!

We just had fun with this one- painted the feather and printing and using the feather as a paintbrush!

2016-04-06 14.13.23

God’s eye

Native American craft representing Earth, Air, Water and God’s watchful eye over their people.

Need: Lollypop sticks (any sticks could be used), superglue, buttons and wool.

I prepared the sticks by sticking two together with superglue to make a “+” shape. Then the children wound wool around it. Finally we stuck buttons on the end and hung them up.

2016-04-06 14.12.42

Bird feeders

Lots of ideas on Pinterest, this our favourite!

2016-02-01 16.20.12

For information click here.

Happy reading and creating! xx



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