Thoughtful living: What has made me smile in March!??!!

Wow the end of March already, lots to smile about!

Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Spending time with friends, always makes me smile! Lovely to celebrate a friend’s birthday by having brunch in “Duck and Waffle” …. Going to sky garden with friends…. dinner with friends… catching up with old friends……. smile….!
  2. I wasn’t very well this month which obviously didn’t make me smile, but Tom and Mr Lee were so caring and really looked after me, so despite feeling awful they made me smile!
  3. My friend and I ran our second children’s arts and crafts workshop. It focussed on Spring and all the children had a great time and got very creative! artspot spring.jpg
  4. Easter holidays, whoop whoop whoop!
  5. Mother’s day was really lovely, focussed a lot on food! Breakfast in bed, my favourite salted caramel brownie and tapas, yum!
  6. We went to a 70s and 80s night celebrating a friends 40th birthday, we had such a fun time dancing to cheesy music! IMG-20160228-WA0009
  7. It is wonderful to see Tom develop, he has taken a real leap in his reading which makes us a very proud Mummy and Daddy!
  8. Going to the beach in Wales was wonderful! Tom is so happy playing in the sand. Mr Lee and Tom made a fab sandcastle which Tom was extremely proud of! (On our first trip to the beach Tom did manage to fall in the water, which was v funny too!)
  9. In Wales we stayed on a small farm, in a perfect cottage. It was just the right size for us with a lovely log burning stove and farm life just outside the window. I wish I could have stayed…………. forever…..!
  10. Family days out! We went to a National trust place to do a Easter egg hunt and to the Welsh Botanical gardens. Lovely to be together in the fresh air (and dodging the rain!).

wales march 2016

Look ahead to April……..

  • Still more of the Easter holidays…. lots of kids but at least not the school run!
  • I am looking forward to lighter evening and getting onto the garden more!

Thanks for reading, hope you found lots of smiles in March and that April is everything you hope it will be! xxx

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2 Responses to Thoughtful living: What has made me smile in March!??!!

  1. Some lovely photos. I enjoy reading your post every month, very positive and uplifting!


  2. Lovemetoo says:

    Thank you! Always so good to reflect on all the wonderful blessings we have- big and small!


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