Updated: 14 of our favourite Easter crafts!


Here are some lovely  Easter crafts we have been doing:

  1. Salt dough decorations- here is our salt dough recipe. We used Sharpies to decorate.

2016-03-01 07.49.49

2. Potato masher egg printing We used an old potato masher to dip into the paint and print. We added grass by dipping a fork into green paint and a sponge to make the sky.

2016-02-22 09.35.49

3. Puffy paint eggs Click here for information on how to make puffy paint.

2016-03-16 16.01.30

4. Finger print chicks and rabbits We used ink pads to print then a pen to add detail.

2016-03-17 09.13.22

5. Egg suncatcher I prepared two egg shaped sticky back plastic shapes. Then I invited children to stick- leaves, petals, glitter, tissue paper, washi tape onto one of the egg. When they are finished I stuck the other egg shape over the top.

6. Easter bunting We recently bought a marbling set, it is so simple, the children love it and they are always amazed at the beautiful art it creates. This time we cut up our marbling into egg shapes, put holes in the side and threaded it onto string.

2016-03-22 08.32.53.jpg

7. Washi tape egg cards I gave the children a cardboard egg shape and they used tape to cover it. We then stuck it onto a front of a card.

8. Rice crispy nests A classic activity to do near Easter! We melted chocolate and mars bars, mixed in rice crispies. The children spooned mixture into cake cases and added a chocolate egg on top. Yum!

2016-03-22 16.11.46

9. Foil egg I prepared some cardboard eggs and wrapped them in foil ready to be decorated. We used sharpies on the foil but remember protective clothing if using permanent pens.

2017-03-27 16.28.00

10. Marble egg You do need special marble ink for this one. First you need a pot/glass/jar of water and drop a few drops of marble ink in the jar and then gently mix. Next dip in your polystyrene egg, we used a kebab stick to do this. Finally leave to dry!

11. Scrap eggs and bunnies We have done this activity with an old plastic credit card type card and also with a windscreen scraper- both equally effective! First dot or drizzles paint over the paper then scrap the card or scraper over the paper spreading the paint. Wow, they look amazing! For more detailed method check “Hello, Wonderful” blog.

12. Watercolours and cotton buds eggs – Simply dip cotton buds into the liquid watercolour and draw patterns on your egg shape.

2017-04-06 06.39.54 1.jpg

13. Wet chalk eggs First I prepared a piece of paper by cutting it into an egg shape and sticking on masking tape. We then soaked chalks in water for 30 secs ish and then the children used the chalks to decorate the eggs. Finally we removed the masking tape to reveal beautiful eggs!

2017-04-06 11.22.58.jpg

14. Kitchen towel egg buntingCheck out how we coloured the kitchen towel here.

2017-04-10 17.41.33.jpg

Happy Easter everyone! x



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One Response to Updated: 14 of our favourite Easter crafts!

  1. Camie says:

    What fun ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


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