Easter egg hunt picture books!


“We’re going on an Egg hunt” by Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea.

This story is based on “We’re going on a bear hunt”…. so instead it says “We’re Going on an egg hunt. We’re going to find the biggest one”. A group of animals are on an adventure in search of chocolate eggs. The illustrations are very cute and slightly cheesy. This is a fun story which children love and can quickly join in with the familiar rhythm in the book.


“The best Easter egg hunt ever” by Dawn Casey

This book is about a rabbit on Easter Sunday who is on an Easter egg hunt. On the hunt rabbit meets lots of animals along the way, but will rabbit find any eggs? This is a super cute Easter hunt story, full of lovely spring pictures.


Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg hunt by Roger Hargreaves.

Mr Men stories are always wonderful, cheerful, classic stories. This story is about Mr Happy who wants to organise an egg hunt. Mr Impossible hides the eggs but will anyone find them? Great story that will make you smile as you read!

Happy Easter everyone! xx



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