Hector and hummingbird!


Hector and hummingbird by Nicholas John Frith is about a friendship between Hector the bear and hummingbird. However there is a problem Hummingbird is so noisy he never stops talking!!! Everywhere Hector goes hummingbird is there discussing where they are going and what they are doing. One day Hector has had enough, he tells Hummingbird to leave him alone. Hummingbird is confused so quietly follows behind. Hector enjoys being on his own for a short while but soon begins to miss his companion, but of course he is not far behind and is extremely happy to be with his friend once again!


The illustrations are lovely and bright, they have a real retro feel. The children really loved the character of the Hummingbird and found him very funny! They enjoyed spotting him as he follows Hector through the jungle. At the back of the book there are pictures of different animals from the jungle, which they can try and spot in the book. This book could be used to talk about our actions and how they affect other people, as well friendships and feelings.

A really lovely book!

Happy reading! xx



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