The lion inside!


After falling in love with the book “Oi Frog” by Jim Field, I am always looking out for other books he has illustrated. We spotted the “The Lion inside” by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. The story is set in the African plains, it is about a mouse that is not enjoying being small! The mouse looks up to the lion that seems to be everything he wants to be including confident, strong and tough. One night mouse decides he needs a “Roar!” – however he is still a mouse so decides he needs to be brave and ask the lion for help. When mouse meets the lion he realises very quickly he is not the beast he had been expecting! They develop a wonderful friendship with lots of laughter and fun!

It is a fantastic humorous story about friendship in unlikely places and that we can learn lots from each other! This story could be used for great discussions about feelings, friendship and everyone being unique and special. Do we all have a lion and a mouse inside us?


Another great story by Jim Field, the children really enjoyed it especially as it made them laugh!

Happy reading! Xx




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