Rabbityness by Jo Empson is a story about a rabbit who likes doing rabbity things, but also he loves to paint and make music! It makes him so happy that it inspires other rabbits too. However one day rabbit is no longer there, which causes much sadness but they discover he has left them presents and they too discover their own love for music and art! This story covers two issue, firstly the experience of loss and secondly discovering creative talents. I feel the book deals with them both beautifully and sensitively, this book could be used as starting point for a discussion on either of these topics.

untitled (11)

The illustrations are vibrant beautiful and inspiring! Here are some creative ideas inspired from this book!

Rainbow bunting

Need: String, newspaper, paint, paintbrush, hole punch.

I prepared rectangle pieces of newspaper with holes punched at the top. I invited children to paint the paper. When their paintings were dry we threaded them onto the string and hung it up on the wall!

2016-02-22 10.00.35

Rain maker

Need: cardboard tube, rice, paper, tape, things to decorate the tube with (we used washi tape and stickers but could use just pens).

2016-03-03 16.14.10

I firstly invited the children to decorate their tube. When they have finished, I put a circle of paper on the ends secured with lots of tape. The children then filled their tube until they were happy with the sound it made. I finally secured the other end with paper and tape too. Then they are ready to make music!

2016-03-03 16.35.05

Splashes of colour work of art

Need: Paper, liquid water colours (could use ready mixed paint mixed with water or food colouring), paintbrush, black paper, scissors and pencil, tray or shallow box (optional).

2016-03-03 15.41.53

With the paper on a tray or in a shallow tray, the children dipped their brush in the paint and gently tapped the brush so that the paint splatters onto the paper. The children really loved watching the different colours appear as the paint mixed together. The beautiful colours created the background to a black silhouette. We thought about what we would like as a silhouette some children wanted to do a rabbit, their initial or their favourite animal. They drew their idea onto the black paper, cut it out and stuck it down. I think they look great!

2016-03-08 11.51.29

2016-03-08 16.22.36.jpg

Other books that encourage creativity:

“Beautiful OOPS” by Barney Salzberg (Click here to find out more about this wonderful book).

“Mix it up” by Herve Tullet

“The day the crayons quit” and “The day the crayons came home” by Oliver Jeffers (Click here for more details about this fab book)

“The dot” by Peter H.Reynolds  (Click here for more information on this wonderful inspiring book.)

Happy creating and reading! xxx



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