It’s hard to share….. “Mine”!


Sharing is always so difficult and often challenging as a parent/ teacher/ childcare provider to deal with……. so any help is always gratefully received! I do really believe books can be a helpful tool. When I spotted “Mine!” by Jerome Keane and Susana De Dios I was keen to have a read! The story is about Fox and Horse who are bored,……….however something appears! They both argue over who spotted it first and who it belongs to. They gradually begin to work out how to share it………… but then it is gone..….have they learnt to share?? This is a great funny book which deals with the issue of sharing in a humorous way. I definitely think this book could promote good discussions. The illustrations are colourful yet simple, the characters facial expressions are great and really add to the storytelling. I recommend this book to anyone who has children, particularly for 2-5 years olds! x

untitled (10)



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