We have gone dotty!


I spotted the book “The dot” by Peter H. Reynolds at a friend’s house and had a read……… what a wonderful inspiring book! This book is about a boy called Vashti who says he can’t draw, he is encouraged by his art teacher to simply make a mark. This leads him to make dots in different sizes and colours, creating amazing pieces of art. The ending of the books makes me smile when Vashti encourage another child to make a mark! What a wonderful book about what can happen with a little bit of encouragement! It would be a great book to boost a child’s confidence and a book that could be referred back to when a child is having doubts in their creative ability. I highly recommend this book!



This book inspired us to get dotty creative!

Cotton buds and circles

2016-02-16 14.41.32.jpg

Need: cotton bud, paint, something circular to draw around.

One of the easiest of ways to paint dots is to use cotton buds, we use them lots in our art. In this activity I drew a circle on the paper and invited the children to choose either to paint inside or outside the circle.

2016-02-17 08.44.11.jpg

Bubble wrap printing

2015-10-20 13.00.16

For more details, please click here!

Large circle art hunt!

Need: Large paper (we used a piece from a roll of paper), pencil, watercolours, lots of things that are circular to draw around.

2016-02-17 09.22.20

First I set the children on a circle hunt around the house, everything they found we drew around. The children used the watercolours to go around the outlines of the circles in different colours. Then they painted in the centres, finally splatter painting over the top!

2016-02-17 09.08.14


2016-02-17 10.14.23

This is based on a Artful parent blog idea.

The dot to dot challenge!

Click here for more information.

2015-09-28 15.42.052016-01-13 13.25.18

Paper with a hole!

Need: Paper, scissors, chalk pens (but could you any pens!)

This is a simple set up and just watch what they create!!!

2015-09-09 16.17.152015-09-09 16.20.53

Crazy circles!

Need: Card or paper, circles (we used tissues paper circles and circles from inside the hole punch), glue, paint, cardboard tube.

Another simple one, set everything out on a tray and watch what they create!

2015-09-23 14.55.502015-09-23 15.25.482015-09-23 15.52.09

There are lots more ideas on our Pinterest board.

These books also encourage creativity!

Beautiful OOPS by Barney Salzberg (Click here to find out more about this wonderful book).

Mix it up by Herve Tullet

“The day the crayons quit” and “The day the crayons came home” by Oliver Jeffers (Click here for more details about this fab book)

Happy reading and creating! xx


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