Information books for children!

About a year ago Tom became very interested in non-fiction books. I realised how few information books we have around the home. So I started looking into good quality information books. Here are some books we are really enjoying at the moment:

An Usborne flap book

We have “See inside London”, “See inside your body” and “See inside the second world war” Usborne flap books and Tom thinks they are all fantastic! They are great because each page has a short opening paragraph, then further bits of information on the page so you could just read initial paragraph or read more depending on the age or stage of the child. Each book gives key information in a simple way. Children enjoy the flaps on each page, the flaps reveal further information. I highly recommend this range of non-fictions books.


Usborne beginners

We have a few in the Usborne beginners series including “Volcanoes”, “Trains” and “Penguins” and I think they are great. They seem to have a good balance of being simple but full of information and in time Tom will be able to read them himself. “Penguin” covers topics such as where they live, swimming, keeping warm and enemies. It is good that the picture are mainly photos with a few drawn illustrations too. The books include contents, glossary and index. Highly recommend this series of books, Tom loves them and he wants to collect them all!

We also enjoy the information books “Maps” and “Animalium”. Click here for full post about these books.

I am learning lots from these books too!

What non-fiction books do your children enjoy?

Happy reading! xxx

Link to Usborne books website xx


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