10 Valentine’s craft ideas to do with the kids!

Love is in the air in our crafting this week! Here are 10 ideas of hearty crafts we have been doing!

  1. Salt dough hearts to give to people we love! We made the salt dough (recipe here) but added colour to the dough, use either food colouring or liquid water colour. We made two colours and mixed them when rolling them out and cutting the hearts. When the hearts were hard, we painted them with PVA glue. 2015-11-26 08.39.15-1
  2. Heart bunting! There are lots of lovely ways to make heart bunting. We did ours by painting liquid watercolours onto hearts cut out of coffee filter paper. When they finished painting we sprinkled salt on top. Once the hearts were dry, we punched holes in the hearts then strung them onto string. 2016-01-27 17.32.52.jpg
  3. Wool heart! I cut out a heart out of thick card. Then the children wound wool around it. This did take quite a long time so maybe be better for older children. 2016-02-04 12.25.37
  4. Threading a heart! I prepared a paper plate by hole punching around the edge and cutting out a heart in the centre. The children then threaded away! 2016-02-01 16.22.12
  5. Gingerbread hearts! Food always says I love you! Recipe here. 2016-01-15 17.57.57
  6. Heart bird feeder! So many lovely ideas of bird feeders on pinterest but these were so simple and children loved them. We threaded Cheerio’s onto a pipecleaner then shaped it into a heart. We put a piece of string at the top to hang it. Some children made several hearts and hang them together. 2016-02-01 16.20.12
  7. Heart doilies! I attached heart shaped doilies to paper using masking tape. Then the children painted the paper including the hearts with paint. When it was dry we took off the doilies to reveal a heart print. The colourful doilies can then be used as decoration too.
  8. Heart printing! All you need is toilet roll, paint and paper. Shape the toilet roll into a heart and print away!2017-02-13 08.55.52.jpg
  9. Masking tape art work! I prepared a piece of paper with a masking tape heart in the corner. The children then painted the paper, printed shapes and then drizzled paint over the top. When all the paint is dry, peel off the tape to reveal the heart!2016-02-03 15.01.20
  10. Hanging heart! On heart shaped cardboard we painted and drizzled paint. When it was dry we made slits around the edge and thread wool. Finally we added extra gems, for a little sparkle! 2016-02-08 17.30.55.jpg
  11. Valentine’s day cards! Check out this post for more information.2017-02-08-13-20-48

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! xxx

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