Chinese New Year picture books

It is nearly Chinese New Year! Here are a few books that celebrate the Chinese culture:


Chopsticks by Jon Berkeley is a story set in Hong Kong on a floating Chinese restaurant. On the floating restaurant lives a mouse called Chopsticks. One New Year’s eve a decorative carved dragon speaks to Chopsticks. This leads Chopsticks on an adventure to help the dragon come to life. Once the dragon is free he takes Chopsticks on amazing journey’s every full moon! The illustrations fantastically depict what Hong Kong is really like- the floating restaurant and the harbour, stunning! I recommend this book- I have read it to lots of different children and they really have enjoyed it.


Lanterns and firecrackers by Jonny Zucker is a very simple non-fiction book that shares some of the traditions and customs Chinese people do during Chinese New Year. It is a good basic introduction, it has a sentence on each page and simple drawn pictures. I recommend for 3-5 year olds.


Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley  is a story of a boy who is starting school, all the other children seem to be good a different things, he is not sure if he is good at anything! However, he finds out everyone is good at different things and we can have fun helping and teaching our friends! A sweet story with a great message!

Do you have any books that celebrate the Chinese culture that you could recommend to me?

Happy reading! xx


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