Hello February!


10 ideas of fabulous things to make, do and celebrate in February with your children!

I am starting a new monthly post, at the beginning of every month I am going to look ahead at the month and suggest 10 things you could do with your children. These things will focus on celebrating the season and special events in that month.

Here goes:

    1. Celebrate Candlemas I hadn’t actually heard of it before, Candlemas day is on the 2nd February and it a Christian festival of light. However I thought how lovely to have a special family meal by candlelight. With the evenings still being so dark, candles do really add a cosy feel to the home. Also Tom just love to blow the candle out at the end of the meal as a treat!
    2. Decorate a candle or make a candle holder. It is super simple to decorate a candle, you just need the correct paint and a candle (both can be bought in Tiger). Creating a candle holder is so easy too. Here is a link to a post for a candle holder using a glass jar.
    3. Cook pancakes! In our house this is always Mr Lee’s job, can’t beat a pancake with lemon and sugar! Shrove Tuesday is 9th February, so get ready to toss!
    4. Feed the birds! It is still very cold outside, remember the birds in the garden. So many different ways of doing this, masses of ideas on Pinterest! We made these heart feeders by threading cheerios’ onto a pipe cleaner. 2016-02-01 16.20.12.jpg
    5. Have a tea party! Let’s celebrate Valentine or Galentine’s day (13th Feb) by celebrating our children’s friends! Have 3 or 4 of your child’s friends over and have a mini tea party! It really doesn’t need to be fancy they will just be excited to be together. Recently we had heart shaped gingerbread cookies, which would be perfect (recipe here). Could have some fairy bread too! 2016-01-15 17.57.57
    6. Get valentines crafting! There are just so many ideas on Pinterest. This is one we always do because it is just so simple. Heart printing! All you need is toilet roll, paint and paper. Shape the toilet roll into a heart and print away!
    7. A little bit of sensory play..?! Playdough is always a winner, what about making it red with a little glitter! Here is the method I use to make my own playdough and Imagination tree blog has loads of creative playdough suggestions. Another sensory play activity I always do at this time of the year, is letting children play with uncooked rice, with bowls, spoons and even chop sticks. The children do love it, but it can get messy! Better outside or hoover at the ready!
    8. Indulge your child by letting them choose what they would love to do! It is lovely every now again to slow down and have fewer plans. We are trying to do this one weekend a month, this allows time to ask Tom to choose what he would like to do. Generally when I ask Tom this he will either say Centre Parcs (!) or the woods……….. so it is off to Oxlea woods we go!!!!
    9. Imagine children’s festival! Every year, over the Spring half-term holiday the Southbank Centre has lots of fun events focusing on children’s literature and performing arts. Some events free but some you have to pay and book in advance. Check out their website for more information.
    10. Celebrate Chinese New Year This is where this post is hopefully going to be good for me because I have always wanted to take Tom along to the Chinese New Year parade but I have never know when the celebrations are in London until too late. So this year it is already on the calendar Sunday 14th February! If you can’t get to any of the celebrations, surely the least you should do is to have a Chinese take away??!

Here are some suggestion of some fab picture books for February:

feb books.jpg

Books about love and friendship:

If you regularly read my blog, you will know I am a big Oliver Jeffers fan! “Lost and Found” and “Up and Down”, are two fab books about friendship.

“Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney is a beautiful classic story.

I recently found the book “Love” by Eric Carle, such a beautiful book too.

Books about pancakes (Not really about Shove Tuesday though!):

Mama Panya’s Pancake by Mary Chamberlin, this is a village tale from Kenya, it is really a lovely story of community and friendship!

Mr Wolf’s pancakes by Jan Fearnley This book is a great book with familiar fairy tale characters but not the nicest of endings as many of these traditional story have! (Lots of learning with my teacher head on!)

Chinese New Year books:

Lanterns and firecrackers by Jonny Zucker Non-fiction book that show some of the things Chinese people do to celebrate.

Chopsticks by Jon Berkeley Wonderful story set in Hong Kong.

Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley This book isn’t about Chinese New Year but it about a boy doesn’t feel he is good at anything, but he soon learns we are all good at different things.

For more information about Chinese New Year books click here

What I will be doing this month?

This month I will be making at Valentine’s card for both Tom and Mr Lee!!

Here are pictures of the homemade cards I made last year!

Let’s plan ahead:

Though Mother’s day is in March, this year it is at the beginning! I always do something with the children I look after to give to their Mummy’s and of course I need to think about something for my Mum too!


Well I hope you found this post useful! If you have got suggestions of things we should be doing in February let me know! Happy February everyone! xx

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