What has made me smile in January!??!!

To be honest January felt like it would never end and the memories of a lovely Christmas slipped away so quickly, but of course we have so much to smile about! Here are my top ten things that have made me smile this month (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. A wonderful friend and I did a little business venture together a little while ago, and we ended up with a tiny bit of money which we decided to treat ourselves with and we decided this would be a perfect time of the year to do it. We went to the Sky Garden for Brunch. It was such a lovely day, lots of laughter and chat. The food was delicious and the views were stunning! It is a day which I will always look back at with a smile on my face!
  2. Listening to Mr Lee and Tom cook homemade burgers together, they are simply gorgeous together and the burgers were yum!  2016-01-10 14.53.43
  3. Mr Lee bought me a beautiful candle for Christmas, I have been lightening it in the evenings and it has been making the house smell wonderful!
  4. Over Christmas I really got back into reading so this month I have enjoyed continuing to read as much as I can. I finished “Elizabeth is missing” by Emma Healey which was very good. I read “Spectacles” by Sue Perkins which was easy to read, funny and made me cry in places too. I have just started to read “According to Yes” by Dawn French, which I am enjoying, it is an easy read and is making me laugh too. Really visualising the main character as Dawn French!                                                      9780718159177
  5. An afternoon in Greenwich was lovely with Mr Lee and Tom!
  6. We are blessed to have a wonderful flat in a great location. It does needs work, this month we had our bathroom and kitchen re plastered and painted. Looks so much better! Smile!
  7. A lovely friend introduced us to “Hot chocolate Friday”! So for the last couple of Fridays, after school Tom and I have had a hot chocolate together. The first time was cuddled up on the sofa and the second time was in a local café.
  8. Watching Tom develop and learn really makes me smile! He never stops amazing me with the new things he learns everyday. One of the children I look after is in Year 2, she sat with Tom and they read their home reading books together, it was a pleasure to see both of their progress! (Also me and her Mum were smiling because it saved us a job, home reading tick!!).
  9. Horray, we can see our bulbs in the garden coming up, Spring is on it’s way!
  10. Chocolate, say no more! chocolate_1531988c

Look ahead to February……..

  • I am looking forward to half-term, hoping to do lovely fun things. Also my beautiful niece is coming to stay!!!
  • I have been working on a new monthly post which I will post at the beginning of every month which will give you 10 ideas of fun things to do with your child/ren that month. I looking forward to posting my first one, let me know what you think of it!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great January and that February is everything you hope it will be! xxx


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6 Responses to What has made me smile in January!??!!

  1. I love reading positive posts like this! I may have introduce hot chocolate Friday, that’s a great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lauren Campbell says:

    A lovely read! Thank you for sharing xx


  3. Lovemetoo says:

    Thank you! We have so much to smile about, we are very blessed! I highly recommend hot chocolate Fridays 😊


  4. Claire Sheppard says:

    So lovely to read this post really brought a smile to my face for January! Xx


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