Flora and the flamingo


“Flora and the Flamingo” by Molly Idle is a stunning book which ballet and/or flamingo fans will love. The book has no words, but the beautiful pictures tell the story of a friendship that develops between a little girl and a flamingo who have a mutual love of dance. With a few mistakes along the way they learn to dance beautifully together. The story is full of humour and emotion! I highly recommend this beautiful book!


This book inspired us to create a stunning piece of Flamingo art!

Need: card, newspaper, watercolours, black pen, glue, paper, paint to create background (we used liquid watercolours but you could use food colouring or watered down paint or even normal paint!), optional: double sided tape, fork.

2016-01-12 14.42.10

I prepared a piece of card by cutting it into a flamingo shape. Then invited children to rip up newspaper and glue it all over the card. When the glue was dry we used the watercolours to paint over the top of the newspaper. On the paper which we used for the background, we used a paint brush and liquid watercolours, we created the splash effect by putting paint onto the brush then tapping the brush so the paint splattered onto the paper. The children wanted to make it more like waves and rain, so we then wiped a fork through the paint. Next time I would also sprinkle salt over the background paint too to add texture to it. Then when all was dry, I stuck the flamingo to the paper and the children added a beak, eye and legs using a black pen. Finally we enjoyed looking at their beautiful pieces of art! xx

2016-01-15 14.35.062016-01-15 14.34.49


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